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Cloud Computing allows organizations to radically re-think how they develop, deploy and support mission-critical applications. Cloud Computing completely up-ends traditional assumptions regarding cost, implementation timeframes, and the business value of technology automation, by providing on-demand scalability, connectivity and flexibility.
Talisman has a long history of application development experience in building specialized applications for our clients. When building and deploying these applications using, GAPPS, Adrenaline, ZOHO there is no incremental load on your existing infrastructure. In addition, a Cloud Computing based approach allows you to defer costly licensing decisions and scale your user population and cost structure incrementally. is the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). Through its award-winning Salesforce family of products, the company provides a comprehensive suite of CRM applications to help enterprises of every size, industry, and geography meet the complex challenge of managing and sharing information on demand.

Cloud Computing Overview

Talisman has leveraged the advantages of Cloud Computing in order to provide our clients with unparalleled business value. We have been able to reduce our implementation timeframes for delivering Cloud Computing based solutions by orders of magnitude when compared to traditional software approaches. More importantly, clients that implement Cloud Computing solutions have achieved sustainable competitive advantage by reducing long-term maintenance costs while substantially increasing the velocity with which process improvements can be deployed.

Advantages for choosing a Cloud Computing based solution: Economies of Scale
Runs 40,000 customers and more than 1,000,000 subscribers
Often supports over 140,000,000 transactions per day
Allow you to add thousands of users with no additional investment of infrastructure and support personne
Provides governing limits and enforced test coverage to reduce performance risk

Platform Maturity
Point and click to create custom objects, fields, page layouts, workflow's, approval routings, dashboards and reports Triggers, APEX classes, Visualforce pages are used to provide advanced logic and visualization

Ease of Integration
Enterprise, partner, metadata API WSDL downloads
Custom Apex class WSDL Download
Integration with GoogleApps, iPhone, Exchange and others

Consumption-Based Pricing
Pay only for what is used
Dial up/dial down as needed to respond to business cycles

Ease of Deployment
Focus is on business process improvements vs. infrastructure and support structure
Browser-based interface familiar to all end users
Out-of-box internationalization

Ease of Operations
End-user based administration tools simplify the overall administrative burden
Built-in compliance audit trail
Tested and proven security and authentication model
End-user administered workflow capabilities
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