Cloud Computing Pioneers  
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Cloud Computing Pioneers
By delivering software in the Internet cloud (meaning over thousands and thousands of computer servers), companies like Google,, Zoho, Adrenaline can directly sell to customers more easily sell but they are bringing resellers back into the game.

Talisman is a value-added resellers (VARs) to sell services and custom applications on top of there platform for building custom business applications. Talisman helps particularly all the customers to build their businesses around cloud services — that is, by developing custom applications for other companies and providing help with implementation and training.

We have been an integral part of cloud application platforms like and Google’s App Engine until now, for delivering there services and making the adoption of theses services for the customers a seamless experience by our skills.

Talisman pays for participating in the program on a per user per month or more to keep there people trained and up to date on these platforms. This helps in creating certified people, a resource center for sales and implementation, and support for the platform.
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