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Desktop Applications
Contact us to discuss your desktop application needs.

Talisman has been developing custom desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS since inception. We’ve evolved with those operating systems.

Recent Projects

Call Management System  Intake Application  The Meter Reading System  Shell Application for Games

  Our primary goal is to fit into your product development process as seamlessly as possible. We have functioned as the entire software development division for many high-tech companies, we have provided a few hours of consulting expertise as needed, and we have done just about everything in between. If you need flexible bandwidth, expertise that you don’t have time to cultivate in-house, or anything else, please contact us.

Long-Term Technology Relationships
Talisman takes a flexible, long-term approach to technology and design decisions. We use our knowledge of most major software technologies to help you choose the best platform for your application. If the right tools don’t exist, we can build them from scratch or assemble pre-existing components.

Of course, your long-term support plans, existing systems, schedule, and budget weigh heavily into these decisions. We take the time to get to know our clients and the business requirements for their software.
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