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E-Commerce applications support transactions between businesses and their customers. They provide 24/7 customer support, allowing customers to order products, check orders and track shipping, review previous orders, reorder products, and manage their accounts. In some cases, they provide computer-to-computer communications, allowing the customer’s ERP system to place orders.

E-Commerce applications offer many advantages. They can reduce the cost of sales, customer service and technical support. They can increase sales by providing 24/7 access to your company and provide multi-lingual and multi-currency access to your products. Finally, they can cut promotional and advertising costs.

Talisman develops and provides managed solutions for e-commerce applications. Our e-commerce customers range from small service businesses to large manufacturers. Small sites include online catalogs and order processing for manufacturers and sales organizations. Our largest site presents a catalog with over 300,000 parts, with multiple languages, multiple currencies, and customer managed profiles.

Talisman specializes in supporting companies that are growing and need to expand their online business. We can help develop your five year plan, allowing controlled growth of e-commerce capabilities tailored to provide improved productivity and reduced cost during each phase of the plan.

Like any other business project, e-commerce applications must be planned and managed to provide a return on investment. From our experience, successful e-commerce results when companies make it an integral part of their business strategy. Planned and implemented correctly, e-commerce can become a competitive advantage for your company.
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