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Features & Benefits

Web based software available on Microsoft.Net® and IBM Lotus® platforms
Automates business to employee administrative and strategic processes
Accessible to every employee with self service features
Work flow based
Automates routine HR and employee processes, allows managers and employees to directly access key functional business processes, information and business intelligence / reports
Maintains / manages HR data

Business benefits

Talisman helps organizations and business leaders maximize organizational human performance and thereby deliver business growth.

The Business benefits of Talisman :
Providing a platform for better business-to-employee communication thereby paving the way for a transparent, positive organizational culture and higher productivity levels amongst employees.
Acting in alignment of individual goals to organizational goals, providing for a platform to agree on views and actions
Supporting informed decision making through analytics and reporting tools that allow the Business Leaders and Managers to review performance and other metrics related to their human capital.
Giving all employees single window web based to all their HR processes, reducing time spent on administrative activities, significantly enhancing individual and corporate productivity.
Relegating administrative efficiencies to the machines while creating a more strategy focused HR Department.
Consolidating all employee information in one central repository precluding the need for multiple employee data files maintained by individuals across the HR department
Automating time-and error prone manual processes, achieving considerable reduction in administrative time and cost and business process time.
In sum, Adrenalin empowers HR leaders to engage and manage the real assets in business: The Employees
Technology benefits:

Low TCO amongst comparable systems
Integrates with most current IT systems, especially Mail, Finance and Payroll
Leverages on existing infrastructure
Scalable to suit existing HR business needs
Scalable to suit existing HR business needs
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