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Key Modules
Talisman is a web-based Human Capital Alignment Software available on Microsoft .Net and IBM Lotus platforms. It automates business-to-employees administrative and strategic processes. It is workflow based and is accessible to every employee with self service features.

Key Modules

Talisman offers HR and Business Heads key modules like:

Performance Management

Talisman’s proven performance management system allows business and HR managers to enhance people productivity significantly. It aligns the workforce with business objectives, creating a goal driven organisation that is responsive to business opportunities.

Performance Management - Features

Employees can identify and set goals aligned to corporate objectives, in collaboration with managers.
Goal status and modifications required by dynamic business needs can be reviewed periodically.
Employees can update accomplishments against milestones periodically, to help managers track progress
Self-assessments to help inculcate a performance culture proactively. This is facilitated through 180 degree appraisal system that helps to ensure an objective review as well as identify development needs for the employee.
Ensure the organizational performance and individual performance is aligned through the normalization process.
360 degrees feedback system that helps to identify leadership potential by means of collecting feedback from various angles.
Generate On-Demand Margin Analysis report, to support management provide realistic budgeting.
Training Management

Talisman's Training Management module is a powerful solution to maximise the benefits and effectiveness of training programs extended to employees by creating customised training schedules that are directly aligned with their requirements.

Training Management - Features

Create training courses across locations and specific groups to build an annual training calendar
Communicate schedule and full course details to employees and invite nominations from employees, managers or HR
Assign trainers and venues and generate related correspondence
Conduct training courses, track attendance and record faculty and participant feedback
Track under-subscribed courses and view course details for corrective action
Generate reports to track training costs
Post training feedback allows you to track the effectiveness of training

Talisman's eRecruitment turns recruitment into a faster, simpler, more effective process. It reduces costs drastically, as well as the impact of employee turnover. Not only is recruitment across locations aligned with organizational benchmarks, but right talent and positions requirement, their goals and performances too can be standardized.

eRecruitment - Features

Position Management allows you to structure your organisation.
Identify vacancies and map requirements by skill sets, experience etc.
Screen applicants by user friendly search criteria, identifying most capable resources for key initiatives, evaluate and shortlist with online testing.
Track and record unique resumes across sources.
Interview process automation either through position based structured interviews or ad hoc interviews .
Make offers to candidates after doing salary structuring.
Issue offers to candidates from the system .
Employee and Manager self-service

Talisman's self-service automates routine HR and employee processes, reducing HR helpdesk calls, improving service levels and freeing the HR department to concentrate on strategic tasks contributing to organization growth. It can reduce the time and cost of delivering administrative HR services by as much as 90% including the incremental cost of eliminating the cost of auditing and fixing errors.

Employee & Manager self-service - Features

Personal Information Management to manage and update a central employee directory, personnel dossiers, company directories, personal calendars, and internal service requests.
IHoliday/ Absence Planning to maintain leave records, view balance, plan holiday, apply for leave & track status of application.
Travel Request System to assist employees plan and receive approval for business travel.
Advance Request & Expenses system that allows employees to request various advances by eligibility levels, claim expenses and settle balances.
Reimbursement System that allows employees to claim and track eligibility.
Staff Scheduling lets employees record hours at work, displays work schedules, submits vacation requests and obtains approval.
Asset Tracking and Maintenance tracks ownership of company assets placed with employees.
Business Requirements such as stationery and business card requests.
Absence/ Leave Management

Plan your absence efficiently. Save precious time and cost associated with unscheduled absence

Key Features:

Holiday Planning: Enables the employee to view leave balance under various eligible heads, plan holiday

Leave Administration: The system enables the employees to regularise leave for exceptions such as sickness or emergencies

Role-based Workflows: Allows different users, such as employees, managers, payroll managers and HR administrators to be part of the application flow as per rules of the organisation

Reporting: Offers useful reports such as the Punctuality Index for capturing and analysing trends in leave and attendance of the employees, allowing managers to pro-actively take steps to tackle any irregularities
HR Management

Talisman's HR Management system makes routine HR administration easy as a breeze. Day-to-day HR administration activities and events now get a technology edge that makes information available on the go. Areas like HR Data Maintenance can be automated with individual needs customised. With Adrenalin, HR administrators can effectively manage tasks around the Employment Life Cycle.

HR Management - Features

Simplified employee joining & induction.
Employee confirmation with or without appraisal process.
Plan projects consistently across organisation.
Manage Clusters and Role Players within the organization from a central system.
Track Pay and Compensation details over time.
Protect organizational assets given to employees.
Employee Separation.
Shift Management

Gain complete control of rotating employees without any surprises. Know exactly the availability with easy linking to departments like transport to facilitate people management. Never go wrong.

Shift Management - Features

Assign/ rotate employees through various shifts.
Provides an overview of employees working in any shift.
Link shift roster to the transport department and schedule pick-ups.
HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics

Insights are key to taking business decisions, even in HR. Armed with information and reports, planning and productivity go hand in hand when constant monitoring is done. Alignment helps in being prepared and deliver exact business results, saving in futile cost overruns in a big way.

HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics - Features

Comprehensive set of built-in reports for line managers & HR skill manager tools.
Report writing through our independent reporting tool - iReporter.
Export reports to Microsoft Excel

Talisman's payroll system helps managers deliver error-free payroll services month after month. With over 75 analytical reports and statements built in, a Report Writer® that allows managers to draw up critical info, and a powerful Formula Builder; payroll services can now consistently surpass expectations in the most demanding business environments without the administrative hassle.

HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics - Features

Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of employees.
Have over 75 statements and reports for the company or the individual at your fingertips, including group reports for branches, departments, and job categories.
Calculate tax, gratuity, medical and tax credits.
Comprehensive set of IT, ESI, PF, Leave and miscellaneous statements.
Fully compliant with statutory and legal requirements.
Define formulas with Formula Builder for custom calculations, specifying special conditions.
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