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Why Talisman

As business conglomerates scan the globe in search of newer market territories, the rigors of keeping a business alive has become far more complex and result oriented. From planning to implementation to keeping morale high, CEOs along with the support of strategic HR have their job cut out.

This is where Talisman helps. This Human Capital Alignment Software is a strategic process that consists of a cycle of activities including HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Career Development and Succession Planning, Learning Management, Shift Management and every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees.

Best of breed practices, pre-loaded:

The growing importance of Human Capital Management applications can be seen in the staggering number of new customers that we are adding year on year. This is true across industry verticals. Take for example HLL, HDFC , MRF, Standard Chartered Bank. These are some of the organizations that have realized the importance and the effects an HCM application can have on employee productivity and performance.

Adrenalin also comes with vast learnings form cross industry verticals. As a result, the process coverage is the highest in this product. It is also pre- loaded with best practices from as many as 15 industry categories, making it one of the most user- friendly and malleable products.

Sales and support:

In order to meet the growing needs and demands of our customers, we have partnered with over 20 sales partners across India and overseas.

Our pan-India footprint addresses all significant national / regional markets whilst our global footprint covers Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
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