Overview of our company

Talisman Solutions has been serving clients since 2004 and has grown consistently because of our excellent customer service, quality delivery, and reasonable cost. We work with numerous organizations in various geographic across United States of America.

Core Values

  • Outside-In approach – Customer Focus
  • Quality – Established Reputation for Quality
  • Security and Safety of Data
  • Achieve superlative results through innovative thinking.
  • Minimal Operation Costs – Save every penny
  • Speed and Flexibility – get the job done
  • Kaizen – Continuous Improvement to Maximize Productivity and Quality
  • Learning Organization – Every employee continuously learns and grows
  • Fun loving work culture


Proactively enable clients to focus on core activities by successfully owning up business activities on their behalf in an efficient, effective and persistent way and bringing value to the relationship by successfully leveraging our domain and technical expertise.

Our Team

Talisman Solutions workforce consists of highly skilled and educated resources with years of relevant experience in their respective fields. 80% of our workforce has college degrees and every employee regularly goes through rigorous training and skill upgrade program for at least 40 hours a year.