Talisman solutions provide you with Medical Transcription Services that are reliable and second to none. You are guaranteed to be pleased with our professional touch in the final output. We outsource medical transcription with great accuracy, the information for transcription is very sensitive and we deliver perfection execution exceeding your expectations.

Our work includes faster turnarounds and we charge on a keystroke basis. Talisman solutions facilitate medical transcription at reasonable prices to doctors and clinics, along with medical researchers and healthcare experts all over the globe.

We have a very experienced team of specialists who have expertise in IT, medical transcription and language skills to give you the very best service available in the industry. Our professionals have served numerous clients over the years who have praised us for our on-time delivery.

We have successfully transcribed several recordings in the past well-described word documents that were later used by our patrons for medical reports, autopsy reports, surgery analysis, discharge documents and hospitals along with correspondence checks.

A trustworthy source for medical billing and coding
Our best in the industry infrastructure facilitates with excellent Medical Coding and Billing services to international clients. Talisman solutions help you manage revenue cycles as our team comprises of the experienced professionals that have great in-depth know-how of coding and do not take care of entire RCM.

Our billing experts supervise efficiently the claims reimbursements and ensure the correct submission of bills to avoid possible delays. We delight in accomplishing tasks with great precision; therefore, each detail is taken care of and entered accurately.

We put strong attention to detail to the patient demographics, codes of CPT and ICD and modifiers, service and unit numbers. Not only that we do multiple checks on quality to maintain the reliability of the information. We realize the importance of proper medical coding hence we make sure our services comply with the regulations of government. Our coding specialists have enough experience to help analyze your record files expertly assessing the incorrect ICD-10 conclusion, fool-proofing the missing modifiers of CPT-4 and checking for incorrect CPT procedural codes.

Medicine claim submissions
In case, you have been searching for Internal Medicine Claim Submission Dallas Tx then you have come to the right spot. We execute online processing for claims and also paper claims. We can help you submit an online medicine claim electrically. We at Talisman solutions emphasize strongly on quality, for this reason, our quality analysis team conduct strict checks to eliminate the risks of errors and follies that can possibly lead to rejection of a claim.