A person is good at something, and that is why they pursue it. Although, it can be the other way round too. Therefore, it is understandable that a person may not know much about the different trades besides having a general idea. Thus, as a psychologist, it is understandable that you may not know to code and find it extremely difficult to understand and therefore efficiently use the computers. And rightly so. It is not like you went to medical school for nothing. You wanted to serve the society by this knowledge you learned there. And therefore all this medical billing, insurance claims, reimbursements, etc. might not have been a part of your curriculum, but they are part of your job. Although there is one optimum solution for this scenario, to release you of this burden of looking after insurance claims and medical billing and coding and hospital denial management. For this purpose, there are several medical billing and outsourcing companies and one of the top names among them is Talisman Solutions. It is a US-based company which was started in the year 2003. Located in Ohio, Texas. Talisman Solutions provide services like denial management in medical billing, medical record review and a certified medical and billing specialist. Talisman Solutions Psychologist Medical Billing in Dallas strives to provide consumers and clients unmatched services which are a combination of quality focus, innovative thinking, and process excellence. With unparalleled experience in various Information technology fields, Talisman Solutions provides you Psychologist Medical Billing in Dallas quality service and handles all your tedious billing, outsourcing, and insurance claims and hence, Psychologist Medical Billing in Dallas helps you focus more on your job of looking after the patient’s health and need.

The core values of Talisman Solutions are:
  • Dedication: Strive to provide excellently
  • Quality: Reputed for delivering excellent quality.
  • Security and safety of patient data and information.
  • Innovation: Better results due to new and innovative methods.
  • Minimal cost of operation
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Continuous Improvement: With the necessity to provide the best results, they continuously change and evolve.
  • Organized: Workflow is organized for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Leaning Organization: continuous improvement demands that knowledge be updated as frequently as possible and hence, Talisman Solutions maintain a learning environment.
  • Fun-loving work culture With a highly efficient and competent team of members who are immensely skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields, Talisman Solutions never fails to provide quality service. About 80% of the workforce here has college degrees or more. They also have rigorous training programs for the employees who undergo these for at least 40 hours a year.
The processes that Talisman Solutions follow are:
  • Super-bills are collected from your office and uploaded on your Personal Computer or any access medium you chose.
  • Patient Responsibility in Medical Billing and other vital information like their reports are keyed in using either the online or offline method.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be uploaded daily into the billing software.
  • Reports about the work will be updated and sent to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.